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TMC420 Controller  
TMC420-Controller Discriptions :
  • No PC required
  • Three standard character fonts
  • Four line LCD and rugged and sealed keyboard
  • User friendly Pattern design and prompted, interactive data entry
  • Store up to 75 patterns
  • One RS232 serial port and discrete I/O capability with spare I/O
  • Extremely compact (317 W X 203 D X 71 mm H)
  • 12-24 VDC start print Abort, Ready, Done I/O signals
  • Up to 15 different patterns remotely selectable
  • RS 232 host/scanner interface to download texts to individuals fields
TMC470 Marking System Controller
  • Fully self-contained – no PC required
  • Easy-to-use menu design for pattern design and access
  • Ethernet port for TCP/IP communications
  • EtherNet/IP and PROFINET capable
  • Durable membrane keyboard
  • Pattern backup via USB port
  • Can store up to 400 marking patterns locally
  • One RS232/485 and one RS232 serial port and discrete I/O capabilities with spare I/O available for customer-specific needs
  • Optional internal board to control third and fourth axis (Z and rotary) – no separate driver required
  • Optional panel-mount kit for panel mounting in NEMA/IP rated enclosures
  • Conforms to all European Community (CE) norms
  • Operates on 100 – 130 VAC or 200 – 250 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz power
TMC600 Controller  
TMC600 Controller TMC600 marking system controller runs the Merlin®Touch PS softwareand provides a touch screen userinterface for operating the marking system. The controller features anintegrated, 10-in., high-resolution,touch screen monitor in the toppanel. The back panel of thecontroller provides the electricalinterfaces for onnecting to themarking system and optional,remote I/O sources. The powerful Telesis Merlin®TouchPS oftware is a Windows®based software package that comes installed inthe TMC600 controller. It is a graphical user interface that makes pattern design and marking quick and easy. The WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-whatyou-get) interface provides a scale image of the pattern as it is created. The Merlin®Touch PS software includes tools to create and edit pattern files for marking. Each pattern can contain oneor more fields; each field defines a single object. Printable objects may be created consistingof any combination of text strings, arc-textstrings, geometric text strings, geometricshapes, graphics, and machine-readable data matrix symbols. Just “click and drag” for immediate adjustment to object size, location,or orientation. Printable text fields may include alphanumeric characters, symbols, and special messageflags. Message flags automatically insert datainto the text string, such as serial numbers,times, dates and user-defined codes. Multiple fields may be grouped and saved as a blockto form a logo. Existing DXF files can alsobe imported for marking. Non-printable fields can be created to clearly display a graphical representation of the part being marked. Commands may be defined to perform specific tasks during the marking cycle (e.g., Pause, Go to, Input, or Output).
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