Fiber Laser
CO2 AP Laser
CO-Series CO2 AP Lasers :

The TELESIS CO-Series AP Laser Markers, availablein two different power levels, the 10W Model CO10APand the 30W Model CO30AP are excellentchoices for many plastic, fiberboard, anodizedmetal and label marking applications. Theyare perfect for “Marking-on-the Flyas wellas stationary marking. A 10 USB LCD touchscreen controller is available for embeddedapplications. The unique 3 position rotatablescan heads can be configured to easilyintegrate the laser into your application (alsoavailable in a linear “straight shooter markingconfiguration) and the RF-excited CO2 tube assures along life cycle as well with virtually maintenance-freeoperation. Due to their compact size and modularconstruction, the CO-Series AP markers can go almostany place they are needed on the plant floor.

Fiber Laser
CO2 Lasers
Discription :

The TELESIS CO-Series Laser Markers, available with standard power levels at 60W and10W and are excellent choices for high duty cycle applications on plastic, rubber, wood,paper, anodized metal and label marking applications. They are perfect for “Marking-on-the Fly” as well as stationary marking. TheirRF-excited CO2 tube assures a long life cycleas well with virtually maintenancefreeoperation. Due to their compactsize and modular construction, theCO-Series markers can go almost any place they are needed on the plant floor.

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